You wont believe what they do to the monkeys here


There are two types of people. Who are humane and love animals and do not wont to torture or kill them. And there are those who enjoy torturing animals. Few days back we posted few girls killing a small puppy brutally.

We got strong reactions from people asking us not to upload such videos. We agreed. But, we also mentioned that we will keep uploading such videos but under the title ‘Stop cruelty against animals’ or ‘These culprits must be ashamed and behind bars’

We are now searching more positive and inspiring stories around the world that shows compassion towards animal.

India is a nation where they say that all animals have some divine presence. Killing animals is not accepted well in the society. 80% of the population there is vegan. This is one of the highest percentage anywhere in the world.

Their love for animals is ancient.

In a place near Jaipur there is a temple where there is a pond dedicated to monkeys. This is a temple of Lord Hanuman which as per Hindu traditions is a God of strength and intelligence.

We got a video of monkeys enjoying the pond in a summer day. You will be happy to see it.